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Experience Summary

OK, so I’m better than good with technology, but that’s not what I want to lead with. My passion is finding opportunities to make people’s lives better and creating solutions for them – most of the time, technology can support that goal. My experience from software engineer to executive has provided ample opportunity to do this and I’m always on the lookout for new challenges.

       As a software engineer and lead

  • I’ve developed solutions from embedded systems to front-end web technologies - I know how the sausage is made. I’ve programed in VHDL, C, C++, TSQL, PowerShell, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, and more that I don’t want to show up in search results (ahem L@#p and C#$%l).
  • I’ve implemented solutions on on-premises infrastructure, and transitioned infrastructure from physical to virtual. And most recently I’ve deployed and managed applications in cloud-based infrastructure – primarily on Azure but dabbled in AWS.
  • I’ve lead teams through important transitions; taking the journey from waterfall to agile practices and justifying and overhauling outdated technology stacks that both enabled greater product strategy agility and customer satisfaction, without increasing cost.

    As a technology executive

  • I’ve led multiple software engineering projects from start to completion that begins with a user-centered design approach in UX design before the first line of code is written or UML diagram is drawn.
  • I’ve Pushed teams to develop a DevOps mindset and modernize practices that results in more agile product development, increased code quality, and accelerated roadmap velocity.
  • I’ve scaled engineering teams from a homogeneous “full-stack” group to discrete functions in IT/DevOps, software engineering, QA, product management, project management, and cyber-security/compliance.
  • I’ve worked with executive teams to define company strategy and vision, and then translated that into product and operational changes for my teams.
  • I’ve successfully developed and pitched business proposals to investors (in a foreign country) that resulted in investment and support.

    As a manager and a person

  • I've successfully driven the adoption of telecommuting and virtual workplaces through implementation of technologies that maintain collaboration, accountability, and productivity - while driving operating cost down and team morale up.
  • I listen to my reports with purpose and guide help them meet their personal goals and push them when they need it. I believe in a healthy work-life balance and I expect my teams to share experiences - empathize and learn from each other and do our best to make life better for all.

Work experience

Jan 2020March 2020

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Flora California

As the technology lead for the vertically integrated Flora California Inc. where I support IT operations and technologies across the business from cultivation through to sales.

  • I'm currently deploying a cannabis specific ERP based on Microsoft NAV (365 Cannabis) to track and support operations from seed to sale and enable accurate accounting & financial planning. I have also deployed Office 365 across operations to digitize and centralize critical intellectual property and promote collaboration.
  • Designing & deploying a cyber-security program that includes a risk management program that enables the company to identify risk and remediate risk based on cost-benefit analysis.
  • In cultivation I oversee evaluation, test and deployment of agricultural technologies such as supporting network infrastructure, greenhouse management and monitoring solutions.
  • In processing and manufacturing, & distribution, I create efficiencies through analysis of business workflows and identify opportunities and implement solutions for automation by implementing workflows that coordinate efforts or deploy integrations between existing tools.
  • In sales & marketing, I'm overseeing the design and deployment of of a Salesforce ordering solution into an ERP and its incorporation into workflows that support multiple channel distribution. I also manage the supporting technologies for the Flora & Sessions brand websites.
Jun 2010Jan 2020

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


As the head of the technology group, I work with my team leads in IT, Information Security, Product, and Engineering teams by driving product direction and enabling the teams to embrace an innovative and results-driven culture, whilst creating transparency into the process and the team productivity. Taking business and an unwavering  commitment to understand customer and user needs and combining it with a wide experience in technologies to identify new ways to monetize products enabled with new technologies on a SaaS platform. Key projects and results include:

  • Implemented product management strategy from a tactical and democratic approach to an strategic approach that is driven by analysis and synthesis of data. 
  • Successfully transitioned a team of 30+ employees from waterfall-like development to Scrum methodologies concurrently with new development operations technology (Microsoft ADO/TFS). Resulting in an informed executive team to make strategic business and product decisions and a development team that can scale.
  • Driven modern DevOps practices and transitioned operations from traditional IT infrastructure deployment to infrastructure-as-code practices.
  • Implemented MarcomCentral's information security program aligning with the ISO27001 family. Resulting in a security maturity that met 100% of customer requirements that includes Fortune 500 healthcare and insurance companies.
  • Architected and led projects to transition of multi-tenant SaaS systems from physical to virtual and on-premises to cloud - database through to web-application.
  • Transitioned a company of 100 to a near 100% virtual workplace and managed a team of 30+.
  • Managed successful off-shore software development team projects to supplement team resources.
Jun 2010May 2015

Dir. of Product Development (from SW Engineer)


Leading product innovation and focused on User Experience to bring excitement back to an aging product with leading product design practices and web technologies. A key part of this initiative was recognizing the product had been driven by features, and redirecting efforts to focus on customers and end-user to create real product value.

  • Recognized that existing technologies were hindering innovation and agility in design phases of development and drove skunk works projects to illustrate the effectiveness of new tooling and processes.
  • Introduced, promoted, and educated the development team to the latest web technologies and architectures and developed new features to drive adoption throughout the team. Such as Angular, Elasticsearch, .NET Core, Azure DevOps, Terraform, Docker, Document DBs, BI systems, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure PaaS & IaaS, & more.
  • Worked closely with the sales, services, and marketing teams to identify features and products that would benefit both existing customers and increase revenue through an increase in sales volume, an increase in average selling price, or reduce the cost of sale.
  • Driven adoption of lean UX design principles that eliminated late, costly and un-necessary changes to products.
Jun 2009May 2010

Project Manager Intern

Union Bank

Whilst studying full time, this internship gave me the opportunity to explore project management and the skills necessary to coordinate multiple resources in order to complete large projects.

The entirety of this internship was devoted to a project to relocate a datacenter from San Diego, CA to Chandler, AZ. This included the identification and migration of over 100 vendor connections to the new datacenter along with relevant hardware. 

Sep 2008May 2009

Software Engineer Intern

Qualcomm Inc.

Whilst studying full time, this internship was an exciting introduction to the high-tech industry in San Diego. I worked with a small team (~6) of engineers to develop testing equipment for cell phone modem (MSM) and cell tower chips (CSM). Essentially the product simulated the distortions and interference that affect radio transmissions in order to test the chips under development.

My project included developing C++software for the embedded system to control and configure on-board FPGA DSP engines. Whilst using PERL to develop test scripts to create automated libraries of test functions.

Feb 2001Dec 2004

Electronics Engineering Apprentice

Clipsal Integrated Systems - Adelaide, Australia

This 4 year apprenticeship involved full-time employment and part-time education at a trade college. Clipsal Integrated Systems developed and manufactures residential and commercial automation electrical systems such as lighting, audio, security, blinds and outdoor equipment.

The apprenticeship gave me an opportunity to experience every area of the business from R&D through to manufacturing. Spending months at a time in divisions such as product development, automated tested development, mechanical design & engineering, PCB design, technical support and process engineering.



BAASc Computer Engineering

San Diego State University

Graduated with Magna Cum Laude Honors and Distinction within the School of Engineering.
Dean's list all attended semesters from the School of Engineering.


Associates Degree in Transfer Studies

Mesa College San Diego

Attended to complete most general education requirements to transfer to the above degree. Graduated with Distinction.